Calle del Codo

Jewellery and accessories shop

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Calle del Codo 3, 28005, Madrid


Tel.: +34 915480948

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-Tuesday to Sunday:
11:00 to 14:00

A CODO shop in the oldest street of Madrid.

We opened our first jewellery and accesories shop in Madrid years ago,opposite the cloistered monastery of Las Carboneras del Corpus Christi in the most ancient street, and that is why we proudly keep its name, CODO. The street and the shop are located in one of the oldest and best preserved areas of the ancient Madrid. It is twenty-five meters from the Plaza de la Villa and fifty meters from the Mercado de San Miguel.

We encourage you to come and live the Spanish Golden Age. Walk on our historic street calle del CODO, live together with the Madrid of the Austrians and visit our particular and quiet shop placed in the stables of the 17th century building in which Goya lived, and you will surely take with you the best souvenir of Madrid.

In our shop in calle del Codo 3 you can find:

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