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A quality brand made in Madrid

We are a close brand that generates hope and security, a brand that makes creative but simple pieces, affordable but different. Versatile, flexible, comfortable pieces. Quality pieces to accompany you in the summer or winter, when traveling and in family dinners, festivals or at work. Products that are made to light up your life.

We are very proud of the quality and uniqueness of our pieces and the beauty of our light but resistant and bright designs that enhance your personality and character. We offer them in our unique shops in the historic centre of Madrid with the personal and direct advice of the best professionals.



A team of women committed to the right to freedom, equality and respect for the environment, directly supervises the quality and honesty of the entire process, from the idea, design, sales and after sales.

Working relationships are based on trust and transparency in the making of decisions. We do not admit any type of inequality or discrimination due to ideology, race, religion, sexual orientation, family situation, illness ... The whole team enjoys indefinite work contracts with the conditions and salaries established in the collective agreement of the sector. Equal treatment and legal and fair wages for all is an inalienable and central principle of our brand CODO.


Most of the pieces are handmade, one by one, all different, imperfect, unique.

We take care and control the origin and traceability of the products and materials we use and the legality and honesty of the companies that supply them to us. We are looking for and we have close, well known, experienced and transparent suppliers. The gold and silver pieces carry the corresponding brand and all our products have an after-sales service that includes their repair.

The quality of the products, the transparency in the process of elaboration and sale, the proximity and closeness in the treatment, and the honesty and commitment with our clients are values and principles that we defend above all with our work.


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